Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring Brackets 2010

Baseball’s Championship Week is here. I can’t really recommend you watch, but you could. I mean, if you live in Pittsburgh, it might be the only relevant baseball you see for a long time. You probably didn’t know this because ESPN hides its College Baseball Blog in the dark recesses of the site. It isn’t quite as fun to read as the sparkling work Eamonn Brennan does, but bubble talk is fun right? You can’t possibly be sick of talking about Tennessee’s bubble chances yet are you?

Mainly, I just enjoy the brackets. And so I will continue my annual tradition:

Eight Teams, Two Double Elimination Brackets
SEC Tournament – Once again, the SEC is crazy good. Teams that failed to qualify for the conference tournament are still on the bubble.
Big East Tournament – Louisville, check. UConn, probably. Pittsburgh, might want to win a couple.
Sun Belt Tournament – Bubble implications perhaps.
Southern Conference Tournament – More bubble implications.
Southland Tournament – Ah, now this seems like a perfectly fascinating tournament. The two favored teams, SE Louisiana and Texas St. are clearly on the bubble. Will they meet in the final? Will one of them lose early and miss the NCAA field? Every game counts.

Eight Teams, Two Round Robin Pods
ACC Tournament – According to ESPN, Boston College is the last team in.
Big 12 Tournament – And Baylor is one of the first teams out.

Six Teams, Two Pods
CUSA Tournament – This tournament format is just crazy. You play your own pod plus a bonus game against the other pod.

Six Teams, Two Byes, Double Elimination
MWC Tournament – TCU is the gift that just keeps giving, and not just in Football.
Big Ten Tournament – No bubble implications, but these might be the only games on TV in your area

Six Team Double Elimination
Big South Tournament – Technically there are eight teams, but four of them play a play-in game for a slot in the six team field.

None: Pac 10, Big West