Friday, November 4, 2016

Returning Minutes and Number of Players Who Were Former Top 100 Recruits

In our SI projections, we project every player and lineup to get our team projections.

But I still get lots of requests for a list of returning minutes. That isn't a direct input into our model, though it is something I can easily calculate with the roster data I have.

I cannot say that these numbers will be 100% accurate. We typically don't pull walk-on data unless those walk-ons are expected to play a lot. And we have to make some decisions about certain players. For example, this assumes Coastal Carolina's Shivaughn Wiggins will be able to return in the second semester. But it should be mostly accurate.

I also list the number of RSCI Top 100 recruits on each roster. This includes current RSCI Top 100 freshmen, former RSCI Top 100 recruits (who are now sophomores, juniors, and seniors), and players that we think were incorrectly ranked by RSCI because they changed classes.