Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shouldn't Be Ranked Weekend

There are now only 23 undefeated teams in the country:
ACC - Boston College, Clemson
Big 12 - Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Kansas
Big East - West Virginia, South Florida, Rutgers, Cincinnati, UConn
Big 10 - Wisconsin, Ohio St., Michigan St., Purdue
Pac 10 - USC, California, Oregon, Arizona St.
SEC - LSU, Florida, Kentucky
Others - Hawaii

Because there are now less than 25 teams, this is traditionally the week that an unworthy team sneaks into the polls. You know, the team that has played only cupcakes, and yet still somehow mystifies voters with its undefeated status. So which of these 23 undefeated teams do not deserve to be in the Top 25?

1. Kansas - They've beaten Central Michigan, Toledo, SE Louisiana, and Florida International. (Yep, the same Florida International with the longest losing streak in the country.)

2. Purdue - They've beaten Central Michigan, Toledo, E. Illinois and Minnesota. (Yep, the same Minnesota that lost to Florida Atlantic and Bowling Green.)

3. UConn - If you look on ESPN or your newspaper, the league standings show UConn in first because UConn is 1-0 in conference, ahead of teams like West Virginia. But all UConn has done is beat Pittsburgh, and that doesn't seem to be too hard these days.

4. Michigan St. - Hey, they beat Pittsburgh and N. Dame. Oh, right.

5. Rutgers - Wins against Buffalo, Navy, and Norfolk St. don't mean much, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt based on last season.

6. Hawaii - Wins against N. Colorado, UNLV, C. Southern, and Louisisana Tech by 1 pt don't impress me much. But, they do have a fun offense.

7. Texas - They struggled against Arkansas St., TCU, and UCF, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt based on tradition.

OK, so just don't vote for Kansas yet. As for Purdue, we'll see how they do against N. Dame. Oh, right.

Conference Cup
Only the Big 12 and Big East were focused on non-conference games this weekend, so little changed in these standings.

Wins vs BCS/ND, Losses vs BCS/ND, Non BCS Losses
4-3-0 SEC
8-4-3 Big 10
5-5-0 Big East
5-3-3 Pac10
5-6-5 Big 12
4-6-4 ACC
0-4-0 Notre Dame

Ball St. came oh-so-close to beating Nebraska and dropping the Big 12 into last in the cup standings.

BCS vs BCS this week
Miami beat Texas A&M
South Florida beat North Carolina
Michigan St. beat Notre Dame

Non-BCS Losses
Toledo beat Iowa St.
Navy beat Duke

Iowa St. barely lost to Toledo, but they still lost to their 3rd non-BCS team of the year. I still think on a neutral field that they beat Minnesota. But Northwestern, really has me wondering at this point. And now that Syracuse beat Louisville, Notre Dame is the only winless team of BCS stature.

Final Thoughts

The MWC is still wide open after Air Force lost at BYU.

UCF still looks like they will have a great season, even if they lost to Texas. They crushed Memphis in their Conf-USA opener.