Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Conference Wrap-Up

Here is how the multi-bid conferences fared in the NCAA tournament:
12-5 Big 12
6-4 ACC
11-8 Big East
8-6 Pac 10
5-4 Big 10
3-3 A10
2-2 Sun Belt
4-6 SEC
1-3 MWC
1-3 WCC
Memphis won more games than all the SEC teams combined.

As I’ve been discussing for several weeks, here is how the conferences did relative to the expectations given the seeds they received:
3.36 Big 12
0.89 Sun Belt
0.23 A10
0.11 Big 10
-0.04 Big East
-0.34 MWC
-0.74 WCC
-1.15 Pac10
-1.83 ACC
-1.89 SEC
Duke and Clemson bowed out earlier than would have been expected by seed, hurting the ACC’s ranking. The Pac10 was a media darling all year, but the Big 12 did more damage in the tournament, and it wasn’t just Kansas. Texas and Oklahoma lived up to seed, Kansas St. pulled an upset, and Texas A&M won the 8-9 game. Only Baylor, seeded 11th lost in the first round.