Friday, June 6, 2008

Who's fat, who has short arms, and who wears thick shoes

Draft Express has a list of player measurements. It is kind of freaky to look at some of the disparities:

Sasha Kaun’s is 6’9” with a 7’6” wingspan.
Donte Green is 6’8.25” with a 6’10” wingspan.

I kind of get sick of Jay Bilas talking about how long various people’s arms are during the draft. Yes, we get it. NBA prospects have surprisingly long arms. The real question is whether it is a long or short reach RELATIVE to other players. Essentially, if your wingspan isn’t 5 inches longer than your height, you really aren’t above average by NBA standards. For the fun of it, here are some notable players:

Guys with relatively short arms:
Donte Green
Jerryd Bayless
Brian Butch
Ty Lawson
Drew Neitzel
OJ Mayo

Guys with relatively long arms:
Sasha Kaun
DeMarcus Nelson
Shan Foster
Joey Dorsey
Eric Gordon
Derrick Rose

Also, what’s up with the disparity in shoe thickness? Sasha Kaun apparently wore shoes that were 1.75 inches thick. But his teammate, Darnell Jackson wore shoes that were only 0.75 inches thick. Why the difference? UCLA players were more similar. Kevin Love and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute both went with the thick shoe, getting 1.75 inch boosts. On the slim end, Shaun Pruitt and JR Giddens also checked in with the 0.75 inch model.

What about vertical leaps? Patrick Ewing Jr. steps in with a sick 35 inch vertical which is no surprise to anyone that followed the Hoyas. Derrick Rose is an impressive 34.5 inches and a good reason he might be the top pick in the draft. And who knew Joe Alexander was up there at 32.5 inches? On the other hand, David Padgett and Brian Butch can’t jump. I’m sure you are all shocked.

Finally, Kevin Love is apparently fat. Well, he has more body fat than everyone on the draft list except Shaun Pruitt, Chris Daniels, and Kentrell Gransberry.