Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome Back College Football

The Good: I like the new clock rules. Having the games end in less than 4 hours is clearly an improvement. I’m also happy to see them speed up the college game without abandoning the “Clock Stops on 1st Downs Rule”. It is always nice to have a few differences between the college and pro game.

The Bad: I haven’t seen many televised sports since March. And I’m already sick of some of the commercials again. The Buffalo Wild Wings commercial where they all hide from their boss has clearly passed its expiration date. I also really hate those ESPN commercials where the guy does his fantasy team on his phone while at some event. Thank goodness for channel surfing.

The Ugly: Have you seen the Big Ten Network commercial where the coaches are all asking recruits to come to their school? What’s up with the Paterno shot at the very end?

As for the games, it is too early to say much. Texas A&M had perhaps the most embarrassing loss in my opinion, but we’ll check back in a few weeks and maybe we’ll know more. Instead I’ll leave you with a few other random thoughts:

Rich Rodriguez is clearly more likable than Lloyd Carr. I say this because he, you know, shows some emotion occasionally. Yes he lost to Utah today, but I’m looking forward to seeing more of Michigan over the next few years.

Did you hear the story of how Georgia coach Mark Richt didn’t have a scholarship for a player, told Sylvester Croom to recruit the player, and Croom did? I learned this anecdote during Mississippi St.’s upset loss to Louisiana Tech. Does this mean Mississippi St. is officially Georgia’s JV team?

What did Steve Spurrier tell his team at halftime on Thursday Night?