Friday, November 21, 2008

More on Thursday's Games

After last nights exciting games, I’m thinking I should start some day-by-day coverage of the early season tournaments.

I’ve already recapped Duke’s win over Southern Illinios last night. (And I respectfully disagree with Rush-the-Court’s assessment that Southern’s foul trouble was unwarranted. Yes Southern hasn’t fouled its other opponents very much, but its early opponents weren’t nearly as quick as Duke. It basically looked to me like a game where Duke would drive towards the basket and Southern would foul them every time instead of waiting to see if the shot would be missed.)

Then we had a sensational second game between Michigan and UCLA including the fabulous back-door cut for Michigan at the very end. Still, how many people had to laugh at Vitale jumping to the conclusion that the game was over when the lead was only 5 points. The rampant front-running in his analysis is beyond ridiculous. Most announcers know that dramatic comebacks can happen in college basketball, and you’d think after Billy Packer said the Final Four game was over last year that announcers would be more careful, but not Vitale.

Two other great games were held in Peurto Rico, where Seton Hall beat USC and Xavier beat Missouri. I thought that Xavier might take a step back this season after losing Drew Lavendar, Stanley Burrell, and Josh Duncan to graduation, but CJ Anderson, Derrick Brown, and BJ Raymond still want to make another elite eight run.

Coaches vs Cancer
UCLA vs Southern Illinois, 3rd Place Game
Duke vs Michigan, Championship Game

Puerto Rico
Virginia Tech vs Xavier, Semifinal
Memphis vs Seton Hall, Semifinal
USC vs Chatanooga, Consolation Semifinal
Missouri vs Fairfield, Consolation Semifinal

Paradise Jam
Miami vs Southern Miss, First Round
UConn vs La Salle, First Round
San Diego vs Valparaiso, First Round
Wisconsin vs Iona, First Round

Next Week
Maui, Anaheim, Old Spice, more NIT, Legends, CBE