Sunday, January 25, 2009

On the plus side, I'm not a Maryland fan

1) Monday our TV died. It was 28 years old, didn’t offer HD, was only 20”, but it worked for us.
2) Tuesday I learned that despite our proximity to the national mall, because of our proximity to the parade route, it was virtually impossible to get anywhere or see anything during the inauguration.
3) Thursday Georgetown got blown out at home and I got to listen to a surprisingly small crowd of West Virginia fans out-scream the home crowd. Let’s go Mountain Ears.
4) Today Georgetown lost on the road to a winless Big East team.

Yep, not the best week. Despite John Gasaway’s correct point that Georgetown’s defense has been subpar lately, to me the story of the recent Hoya collapse is a complete lack of energy, translated into a complete inability to make shots offensively. I’ve always figured that Georgetown was playing its starters too many minutes and that the Hoyas would break down at the end of the year, but it seems to be happening already. The Hoyas have had their worst two eFG% days of the year this week:
Georgetown vs West Virginia 41.2 eFG%
Georgetown vs Seton Hall 35.6 eFG%

No comments on other games. See point 1 above. But you can always read Friday’s post.