Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blatant Plug

By now it should be apparent that this blog is not about building an audience or making money. (Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about Euroleague basketball.) But if I waste my time on something, I like to write about it. For example, every year I want to know how many BCS football teams don’t play another BCS team in the non-conference schedule. So I calculate it and I post it. Ect.

This year I’m branching out slightly. I wrote an article for the magazine seen here. I don’t care if you buy it, but I wrote it, so huzzah. Some people with much more basketball knowledge than me also wrote articles. Someone actually dissected the inbounds plays for Kansas. Wow.

Of course, as I expected when I wrote it, everything changed before the regular season. First, Tyshawn Taylor is out four weeks after getting in a fight with the football team. And now Brady Morningstar got a DUI today. I thought Morningstar would be losing time anyway on a loaded Jayhawk team, and now he’s suspended the whole first semester. Let’s just say, when you have as much depth as Kansas is going to have, it is a lot easier to put the hammer down.

I hope to announced another blatant plug in a few weeks.