Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yet Another Set of Coaching Numbers

Ken Pomeroy measures "luck" and "consistency" on his website. Today I look at all seven year coaches and present each coach’s cumulative luck ranking and each coach’s average consistency ranking in all jobs over the seven year period.

Of BCS coaches, Rick Barnes of Texas has been the least consistent. (If his teams have high variance every year, does that make them consistently inconsistent?) And Paul Hewitt, Stan Heath, and Mike Brey's teams have been the unluckiest. I.e., they consistently lose more games than their point differential would predict. Is it random chance? After all, someone has to be the unluckiest coach? Or do these coaches have a lot of talented players but poor execution in tight games? You can draw your own conclusions. Scroll down to see the full table. The unluckiest coaches are at the bottom.