Saturday, October 9, 2010

Five Second College Football Rant

Earlier this week I read that the Pac-10 had the best record against other BCS conferences this season. (The Pac 10 is 10-4.) And I was curious how the other leagues had done, so I decided to pull the numbers. The next table shows the non-conference records of all the BCS leagues against one another and Notre Dame. (Scroll down and right to see all the BCS leagues.) There are 48 of these games scheduled this season. 41 of these have now been played and 7 are scheduled for week 13.

Still to come in Week 13
Georgia at Georgia Tech
Wake Forest at Vanderbilt
Florida at Florida St.
South Florida at Miami
Boston College at Syracuse
South Carolina at Clemson
Notre Dame at USC

(In the table I also list the losses to non-BCS teams as “other losses”. The only thing that stops the Pac-10 from being the top conference in all the computers is the fact that Pac-10 teams suffered five losses to non-BCS teams while the SEC only suffered one such loss.)

This paltry list is all we really have to compare the leagues to one another. There is not much to learn here, but there is one clear lesson. There is no reason to watch the Big East or ACC. The Big East and ACC are a disappointing 2-11 and 3-10 against other BCS leagues. But you probably already knew that.

So why does ABC keep insisting on airing ACC games every week in the Washington DC market? Are they trying to minimize their viewers? Do they want me watching stuff on my computer every weekend? Regional viewing windows suck.

But guess what? For the NCAA tournament, they are going away soon. I don't think people have any idea how awesome this is going to be.