Saturday, December 1, 2007


Here are my projections, which could still be very wrong.

Rose Bowl picks Illinois to fill in for Ohio St.
Sugar Bowl picks Georgia to fill in for LSU.
Orange Bowl picks West Virginia.
Fiesta Bowl picks Kansas. Even though this sets up Kansas vs Oklahoma, these two Big 12 teams did not play each other during the regular season, and Stewart Mandel says this is possible.
Sugar Bowl gets stuck with Hawaii.

This leaves:

National Title, One vs Two: Ohio St. vs LSU
Rose Bowl, Pac10 vs At Large: USC vs Illinois
Orange Bowl, ACC vs Big East: Virginia Tech vs West Virginia
Fiesta Bowl, Big 12 vs At Large: Oklahoma vs Kansas
Sugar Bowl, At Large vs At Large: Georgia vs Hawaii

This could be wrong for several reasons.

First, LSU may not be in the national title game. If its Georgia, just flip LSU and Georgia.

Second, if you are the Sugar bowl, and you are stuck with Hawaii, why not just pick Kansas to fill in for LSU. 12-0 Hawaii vs 11-1 Kansas might sound appealing to a certain group of fans. I doubt they would pass on Georgia though.

Third, the Rose Bowl could still choose Georgia or West Virginia or some other surprise team. But if they want to stay part of the BCS and not have the Big 10 seceed, I think they'll have to pick Illinois.

Fourth, Hawaii could still lose tonight. Washington just scored first.

Fifth, Arizona St. could still go to the Fiesta Bowl over Kansas.

If this scenario does unfold, the big loser is Arizona St. who a week ago looked like a lock for the Fiesta Bowl. You know who's watching intently? Purdue. Depending on what happens, they could be playing anywhere.