Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bratwurst, Hands Down

“Both teams are treating the basketball like Nuclear Waste” I’m not sure what that means, but that was the quote for an Indiana – Minnesota first half where the teams combined for 26 turnovers, nearly half the available possessions.

Meanwhile on ESPN2, Villanova and Marquette were engaged in some beautiful basketball, and yet the producers apparently assumed a college game that’s 50-45 at half-time couldn’t hold our attention.

Yes folks, the message board scroll has arrived. Across the top of the screen flashed a text message board filled with super long comments that provided no insight or humor.

“Let’s go Marquette I love this years team I think you beat Villanova by 8 points tonight. Warriors forever best team ever.”

And moments after a run gave Marquette a 2 point lead, “Marquette really needs to get it together if they are going to win this game.” Oh the curse of the delay.

But it wasn’t just the scroll. It was the never-ending polls? Who wins Syracuse vs Connecticut? Which was the greatest upset of all time? Marquette over North Carolina in 1977 or Villanova over Georgetown in 1985. We even got a Rollie Massimino videocast stating why it was no contest for Villanova.

Then we had a poll about who was the best dressed? I have to be honest, I didn’t even know Rick Barnes was in the discussion. Pitino wins the poll hands down, but I thought Jay Wright would have fared better.

And finally, the poll that made it all worthwhile. Bratwurst or Cheesesteak. Len Elmore staring at the two products in front of him. “Are they going to cook that thing? That’s a raw bratwurst.” And then the text message scroll comment of the night. “Bratwurst, hands down.”