Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Off Topic

Why so many off-topic posts?

Due to an NCAA ban, I have decided to restrict my basketball commentary. OK, just kidding. I chose the title for this blog when I was trying to determine the blog’s identity. I knew it would not be the most complete national blog like Kyle Whelliston’s http://www.midmajority.com/. I knew I wouldn’t have the most extensive and fascinating daily coverage like John Gasaway (aka the artist formerly known as Big Ten Wonk). I knew I wasn’t going to be the go-to statistical guy like Ken Pomeroy of http://www.kenpom.com/. But what I envisioned is that I could be “Yet Another” place for people to go when they wanted some amusing basketball commentary.

I see the strengths of my web site as the following:
1) Championship Week coverage – While everyone else loves the Big Dance, I love the tournaments before the tournament.
2) Providing a statistical basis to evaluate coaching moves. I decomposed coaching ability into recruiting, regular season, and post-season success in what I call the YABB coach rankings.
3) General insights as a Georgetown season ticket holder and watcher of numerous games.

But as we head into the summer months, I’m beginning to have “Blog Title Regret.” When it is 90 degrees outside, I just can’t bring myself to write about the fact that the NBA early entry deadline has passed.

At least now that it has passed I can stop mocking articles that made pre-season predictions despite having NO idea who was coming back next year. But, I just can’t write about college basketball myself.

If you are truly basketball starved, here are some links to several preseason Top 25 predictions made after the early entry deadline. Here's one by Andy Katz, and Jeff Goodman, and another one by Bryan Graham, and even Gary Parrish. Do they all have to say that Georgetown would have been #1 if Jeff Green had come back?! Arggh, time to go off-topic. Particularly to College Football because Florida St. vs Miami is right around the corner. Oh wait, they aren’t opening the season with Florida St. vs Miami this year? Instead we get Tennessee vs California? Sigh.