Monday, February 25, 2008

Final Twelve

Most websites will list the "last 12", but I prefer to tally the "final 12". I.e., teams have only played about 8 of these.

Who’s Hot
Undefeated in Final 12: Tennessee, Texas, Xavier

Only One Loss in Final 12: North Carolina, UCLA, Stanford, Notre Dame, Louisville, Connecticut, Indiana, Purdue, Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, Memphis, Butler, BYU, Kent St.

Who’s Not
Already Four Losses in Final 12: Washington St., Kansas St., Pittsburgh, Oklahoma, Arizona St., Arizona, Ohio St., Florida, Syracuse

Already Five Losses in Final 12: Oregon, Baylor, Rhode Island, Dayton

Note: I assume everyone plays at least one conference tournament game, so I started counting with the 11th to last game of the regular season. Wow, no wonder it seems like Georgetown (6-2 in the final 12) is cold, the other three Big East leaders are on fire.