Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wacky Punch Day

From Forde Minutes:

"Spies tell The Minutes that a Big East coach who shall remain nameless (38) recently got into a halftime argument with one of his assistants in a hallway outside the locker room. According to a source, it escalated to the point where punches were thrown."

Hmm, who could this be?

No Chance
John Thompson III - Never gets emotional on the sideline.
Jim Boeheim - Have you seen pictures of him when he was younger? He's a pencil-necked geek.
Jay Wright - Would have messed up his hair.
Jamie Dixon - He's a pencil necked-geek and it would have messed up his hair.
Stan Heath - Would have messed up his hair, and he doesn't even have any.
Rick Pitino - Long win streak, nothing to get upset about.
Tom Crean - Unable to make sarcastic comment since G-town plays Marquette on Saturday.
Mick Cronin - Too small to start a fight.

Fred Hill - Too small to start a fight, but I still see him hooking the legs and taking someone out. Maybe its a New Jersey thing.
Jim Calhoun - I always feel like you could see him ordering a hit, maybe it was during the USF game.
Jerry Wainwright - He always seems calm when I've seen him, but he's had moments, and check out this photo.
Mike Brey - May have heard the rumor that he is going to Indiana.
Norm Roberts - May have heard the rumor that he is not staying at St. John's.
Tim Welsh - The Rhode Island media is too intense.

The likely suspect
Bob Huggins - You know you thought of him first.

The actual suspect - (See speculative article)
Bobby Gonzalez - Maybe that's why they never offered him the St. John's job.

That boring ACC
Back in January, I pointed out how the ACC was on pace for a record number of close games The season started with 22 close games in the first 43. I haven't checked the numbers again lately, but assuming the Wake Forest - Maryland announcers were correct, there have now only been 28 ACC games decided by 3 points or less or overtime. Seems like February was a pretty boring month. (Incidentally, Maryland held on to beat Wake Forest by 4.)