Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Coach Ratings

Which long tenured coaches have not performed?
Which coaches should fill coaching vacancies?
What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of Jim Boeheim and Jamie Dixon?
How many wins does each coach add through recruiting?
How many wins are earned through player development and by earning a better seed in the regular season?
How many wins are earned by exceeding (or not living up to) that seed in the NCAA tournament?
The answers can all be found in my coach ratings!

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Yes folks, I finally got around to the update I promised in October.

Changes since last time:
-I incorporate all the recent coaching changes.
-I incorporated the 2007-08 recruiting class data in my rankings.
-I also now use the 1999-2001 recruiting classes for long-tenured coaches.
-I no longer reward coaches for keeping players around for four years / penalize coaches for early entry. I.e., when determining a recruit ranking, I value a recruit based on his expected value only.
-I fixed some of the problems in the database caused by recruits transferring.
-I now use 10 years of NCAA tournament data instead of 5.
-I changed the model for evaluating the importance of talent. This is discussed in the concept link.
-I changed the numbers to represent an annual value instead of a five-year summation.