Sunday, February 10, 2008

Quick Quiz

Let's say you are Univesity of Washington player Tim Morris, you have no timeouts left, and you are about to get a 5 second violation for not inbounding the ball. What do you do? If you answered, throw the ball as hard as you can at Alfred Aboya's face, you would be correct. I've always wondered if this would be a foul and the answer is apparently "no". Just make sure you get out of the way when the ball ricochets back at you.

Oh Clemson. You find so many ways to break your fan's hearts. The road losing streak at North Carolina is now 53 years. If Kirk Herbstreit were a basketball commentator, he'd look in the camera and say "More of the same for Clemson. This is just what they do." (Recap here.)

On a side note, I am finally willing to believe the argument that North Carolina's defense is suspect. Clemson took it relentlessly to the tin early in the second half and that is more than just a lack of Ty Lawson.