Friday, March 14, 2008

Bonus Coverage

We take you out to the SEC tournament where South Carolina leads Tennessee by 1 with 25 seconds left. Tennessee has the ball and calls time out.

John Saunders, “Digger Phelps, what should they do here?”
Digger, “I think South Carolina needs to foul here.”
Hubert Davis, “What?!!”
Digger, “You need to take your chances, put them on the foul line.”
Davis, “OK, if I’m Tennessee, I’d try to take it in the lane and get it to Tyler Smith”
Saunders, “You’d foul here?!”
Digger, “Absolutely, you have to extend the game.”
Awkward silence.
Saunders, “Let’s toss it back to Atlanta…”
Digger, “Oh, South Carolina has the lead.”

Back to the action, Chris Lofton calmly sinks a three pointer and Tennessee takes the lead by two.

Now, South Carolina attempts a three, misses, goes for the rebound, but the South Carolina post player is shoved to the ground by Tyler Smith. Rather than call a foul on Tyler Smith, the referees call the ball out of bounds on Tennessee, when it seemed to have touched a South Carolina player last. Hmm, do two bad calls make a good call? Now, South Carolina inbounds it under the basket, but Tennessee grabs the ball away. The game is over! The Volunteers escape! This is March!