Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Three Rhetorical Questions

1) Which was worse:
Providence’s Jamine Peterson missing two dunks in the final 11 minutes of the West Virginia game?
Or the way Providence, trailing by 2 points with 1 minute left, ran the clock down and couldn’t get a clean shot off? (Jeff Xavier was blocked at the 35-second mark.)

2) Are Connecticut fans bummed or pleased to see that West Virginia beat Providence? True, seeding suggests West Virginia is the tougher match-up. But UConn beat West Virginia in their only meeting, while the Huskies were swept by the Friars.

3) Was the A10 looking to minimize TV viewers when they signed their current television deal? I’m pleased that Dayton and St. Joe’s advanced to the second round, but I would have watched some of those games if I could have figured out how.