Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Best Kept Secret in College Basketball

Today is my favorite day of March. Technically it is not better than the first round of the NCAA tournament, but because the games are on multiple channels, and because the start times are staggered, it makes for fantastic flipping. Plus you still have the anticipation of next week’s NCAA tournament games.

I gave serious consideration to attending the Big Ten tournament this year, but I couldn’t get excited about Michigan vs Iowa when I can watch all this:

Noon – Georgetown vs Syracuse – The Rivarly
Noon – Virginia vs Boston College – Win or go home
12:30pm – Texas Tech vs Kansas – Can Kansas get to 100?
1pm – South Carolina vs Alabama – Win or go home
1pm – Houston vs Memphis – Bubble journey begins for Memphis

2:30pm – Michigan vs Iowa – Lots of missed three pointers
2:30pm (approx) – Marquette vs Villanova – The best modern rivalry
2:30pm (approx) – Miami vs Wake Forest – Wake has lost 4 of 5 and needs momentum
3:00pm – UCLA vs Arizona – Win or go home
3:00pm – Air Force vs New Mexico – Margin-of-victory? NM just wins.
3:00pm – Boise St. vs Utah St. – Bubble journey begins for Utah St.
3:00pm (approx) – Nebraska vs Texas A&M – Is Nebraska a real Cinderella?
3:30pm (approx) – LSU vs Tennessee – LSU has been playing better lately
3:30pm (approx) – Southern Miss vs UAB – Bubble journey begins for UAB

5:00pm (approx) – Indiana vs Northwestern – Remember when NU was on the bubble?
5:30pm (approx) – Oregon vs California – Bubble teams want Cal to win the Pac-10
5:30pm (approx) – Colorado St. vs San Diego St. – Bubble journey begins for SDSU
5:30pm (approx) – Fresno St. vs Louisiana Tech – No comment

7pm – Notre Dame vs Pittsburgh – Battle for NCAA Seeding
7pm – North Carolina vs Georgia Tech – NIT Bubble vs NCAA Bubble
7pm – Oklahoma St. vs Kansas St. – Some of the best guards in the country
7:30pm – Auburn vs Florida – Bubble journey begins for Florida
7:30pm – Tulsa vs Marshall – Two bubble long-shots
7:30pm (approx) – Penn St. vs Minnesota – Penn St. is the Big 10 dark horse

9:00pm – Oregon St. vs Washington – Bubble journey begins for Washington
9:00pm – TCU vs BYU – Can BYU earn the good seed it deserves?
9:00pm – Idaho vs Nevada – I never count out Nevada
9:30pm (approx) – Cincinnati vs West Virginia – Cinderella Cincinnati and WV seeks a 1 seed
9:30pm (approx) – NC State vs Clemson – Clemson could use some momentum
9:30pm (approx) – Texas vs Baylor – Potential best game of day
10:00pm (approx) – Georgia vs Arkansas – Can Georgia make a surprise run?
10:00pm (approx) – UCF vs UTEP – Bubble journey begins for UTEP

11:30pm (approx) – Stanford vs Arizona St. – Bubble journey begins for ASU
11:30pm (approx) – Utah vs UNLV – UNLV is a lock, right?
11:30pm (approx) – San Jose St. vs New Mexico St. – No comment

I have been posting comments on each session, but with so many games, I may delay my commentary Thursday. (Or in simpler terms, if Georgetown loses to Syracuse for a 3rd time tomorrow, I’m going to be too grumpy to post anything.)