Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Lineup

Wow, Clemson and Wake Forest are really glad the bubble is so weak this year. That’s not how you want to go out. You want to go out like Cincinnati with Lance Stephenson fighting until the end. I still can’t believe Da’Sean Butler banked in that three pointer for the West Virginia win.

What’s on tap Friday? Friday of Championship Week is like the first Saturday of the NCAA tournament. We start with a chance for the top seeds to strut their stuff, and build to an evening with too many quality games to see them all.

Noon – Duke vs Virginia – Duke seeks a 1 seed
Noon – Ohio St. vs Michigan – Ohio St. seeks that same 1 seed
Noon – Temple vs St. Bonaventure – How good a seed can Temple get?
1pm – Kentucky vs Alabama – Kentucky probably has 1 seed

2:30pm (approx) – Virginia Tech vs Miami – Can Cinderella Miami win again?
2:30pm (approx) – Wisconsin vs Illinois – Bubble journey starts for Illinois
2:30pm (approx) – St. Louis vs Rhode Island – Serious bubble implications
3:30pm (approx) – Tennessee vs Ole Miss – Bubble journey begins for Ole Miss
4pm – Tulsa vs UTEP – Bubble teams cheering for UTEP, but Tulsa is tourney host

6:30pm – Purdue vs Northwestern – Purdue still proving they can win without Hummel
6:30pm – Xavier vs Dayton – Dayton needs this win to get back on the bubble
6:30pm (approx) – Houston vs Southern Miss – Winner can steal a bid Saturday morning
7pm – Georgetown vs Marquette – Marquette beat Gtown earlier this year
7pm – Kansas vs Texas A&M – Kansas nearly lost to A&M on Feb. 15th
7pm – Maryland vs Georgia Tech – 7-9 teams can always use more wins
7:30pm – Florida vs Mississippi St. – Biggest bubble game of the day

9pm – UCLA vs Cal – Other bubble teams keep cheering for California
9pm – Utah St. vs Louisiana Tech – Other bubble teams keep cheering for Utah St.
9pm – New Mexico vs San Diego St. – San Diego St.’s bubble was almost burst Thur.
9pm (approx) – Michigan St. vs Minnesota – Minnesota lost by 1 to MSU at home
9pm (approx) – Richmond vs UMass – How good a seed can Richmond get?
9:30pm (approx) – Notre Dame vs West Virginia – Can West Virginia get a 1 seed?
9:30pm (approx) – Kansas St. vs Baylor – Who is the second best team in the Big 12?
9:30pm (approx) – Florida St. vs NC State – Can Cinderella NC State win again?
10:00pm (approx) – Vanderbilt vs Georgia – Can Cinderella Georgia win here?

11:30 (approx) – Stanford vs Washington – Bubble journey continues for Washington
11:30 (approx) – BYU vs UNLV – Margin-of-victory stat love BYU, but in Vegas
12pm – Nevada vs New Mexico St. – Host Nevada looking to steal WAC tourney