Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Lineup

We begin and end with two games that should make all bubble teams nervous, and we see plenty of bubble action in between.

11:30am – UTEP vs Houston – A Houston auto-bid would shrink bubble

1pm – Kentucky vs Tennessee – Round 3 of the rivalry
1pm – Temple vs Rhode Island – Bubble journey continues for Rhode Island
1:30pm – Duke vs Miami (FL) – On paper, Duke’s road to 1 seed looks easy
1:30pm – Ohio St. vs Illinois – Bubble journey continues for Illinois

3:30pm (approx) – Mississippi St. vs Vanderbilt – Bubble journey continues for MSU
3:30pm (approx) – Xavier vs Richmond – The A10 has some great teams this year
4:00pm (approx) – Georgia Tech vs NC State – If you are GTech, why leave questions?
4:00pm (approx) – Purdue vs Minnesota – Purdue has only lost 1 game without Hummel

6pm – Kansas vs Kansas St. – Kansas St. gets a 3rd shot at nation’s top team
6pm – California vs Washington – Huskies can end bubble questions with auto-bid
7pm – San Diego St. vs UNLV – MWC getting 4 teams this year

9pm – Georgetown vs West Virginia – Monroe vs Butler for tourney MVP
10pm – Utah St. vs New Mexico St. – A New Mexico St. auto-bid would shrink bubble