Saturday, March 14, 2009

Believe in the Improbable

-After 24 straight losses to the Longhorns, Baylor has defeated Texas.
-And for the first time since 1981, Duquesne is playing in the A10 title game.
The improbable can change the world. (Or at least shrink the bubble.)

-Wow, did Indiana and the Big Ten miss out on Devin Ebanks. He was a one man show for West Virginia against Syracuse in the loss.

-North Carolina, Florida St., and Duke were all very lucky to win on Friday. On Sunday night, no one is going to care.

-The Big Ten’s three main bubble teams (Minnesota, Michigan, and Penn St.) all lost. I still say there is no way the Big Ten gets 8 bids this year. Tomorrow I may tell you who I’m kicking out of the field.

-The SEC’s expected bubble teams also all continued the three week slide into obscurity. Kentucky, South Carolina, and Florida all made me shake my head in confusion. How does the SEC get 3 bids right now? LSU, Tennessee, and who else? Is it Auburn? I don’t like the quality of the wins yet, but Auburn has one thing going for them that none of the other bubble teams have achieved. They are winning games in the last 12.