Saturday, March 24, 2007


One piece of hope for those that consider a Florida-Kansas-North Carolina-Ohio St. Final Four a nightmare scenario. In 2003, the last time all four 1 seeds advanced to the elite eight, only one of the 1 seeds advanced to the Final Four. Kentucky, Arizona, and Oklahoma were all upset, while Texas advanced to the Final Four.

Conference Breakdown
9-4 Pac 10 (2 Left)
8-4 SEC (1 Left)
6-3 Big 12 (1 Left)
7-5 Big 10 (1 Left)
6-5 Big East (1 Left)
7-6 ACC (1 Left)
3-0 CUSA (1 Left)

Did you see Tim Floyd freak out at the end of the UNC and earn a technical foul? I’ve started to buy into the theory that some technical fouls are strategic, but that was simply a short temper and a bad sign for USC fans since USC still had a chance to win the game! Hey OJ Mayo, would you like to reconsider?

Did you see the Jeff Green “travel” replayed during the UNC-USC game? I thought they were talking about his left foot, but they focused on his right foot. Now I’m really confused. For more, read the previous post.