Friday, March 2, 2007

Thursday Night Thoughts

It’s official, VMI upset High Point. This means everyone’s favorite box score team, the fastest paced team in the country, the VMI Keydets will take on the almost at-large worthy Winthrop.

According to this week’s Sports Illustrated, VMI has the lowest basketball revenue in Division 1. But, they still made a profit on basketball, which some of the higher revenue schools did not. VMI only has an enrollment of 1,250 and you know CBS is just drooling over a chance to do a spotlight story on this team.

Sorry Winthrop, I hope you lose this weekend and miss the big dance, if for no other reason than to hear Seth Davis go ballistic.

Speaking of Seth Davis, the man is obsessed with wins against the top 25. That’s why he likes DePaul and no one else does. History shows that the committee looks at the whole body of work when choosing the final teams. Often times a lot of wins against 51-100 will be more important than one or two wins against the top 25. Just look at Air Force in 2006 and UAB in 2005.