Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Comment at Every TV Timeout

Ohio St. vs Memphis

- It is only 8-2 Ohio St., but Ohio St. is totally dominating the game. It is amazing how important big men are in the NCAA tournament. Oden has already altered several shots. All the players are well-coached at this point, but you can’t coach size.

- The difference between Memphis and a non-elite eight team is that they are not intimidated. Memphis continues to take the ball inside, drawing the first foul on Oden. Then, with Oden out of the game, they really take it to the tin. Good thing for Ohio St. that Conley and Lewis are doing the same thing.

- Great, Oden and Dorsey are on the bench with foul trouble. Yet another NCAA game where the stars are on the bench. Meanwhile Douglas-Roberts, the leading scorer for Memphis, has yet to score and he looks a little frustrated.

- Hunt is on fire. “16 points in 11 minutes.” Memphis is 5-7 from deep. Ohio St. is 0-6 from three point range. Jamar Butler finally hits a three for Ohio St. Raftery describing Lighty, “There’s no trampoline here, this is just god-given ability.”

- Amazing dunk by Douglas-Roberts after his teammate cleared out the lane. Raftery, “With Alacrity!” That's a made-up word, right? Let's look it up. Alacrity means “enthusiasm, energy, readiness”. Rats, I was hoping Raftery had officially gone crazy.

- Memphis is 7-11 from three point range and still trails in the game. That can’t be a good sign for the Tigers.

Half time

- Now Douglas-Roberts is starting to take over. According to Raftery, Conley needs a pedicure because his foot was on the three point line. "I know you get those pedicure bills at the end of the month Verne" Oden has 3 fouls.

- Oden finally gets off the bench but not before Memphis has taken the lead.

- That could have been a 6 point play! On the intentional foul on Oden, Oden made the basket, got two free throws, and the team got possession of the ball which resulted in Butler earning 2 free throws. I've never seen an intentional foul and one. Is that the correct call for the player to get the basket and two free throws. Wow!

- Has anyone improved their NBA draft position more than Ron Lewis? I heard nothing about this guy, but I know some crazy general manager is going to take a flyer on him now. Ohio St. should consider fouling Dorsey on every possession the rest of the game. Those foul shots looked horrible.

- Listen Memphis, we're Ohio St. We keep playing these really close games and quite frankly, we've gotten sick of it. So not to bug you or anything, but we're going to make 18 straight free throws and make sure we don't have to sweat at the end, OK?

Ohio St. is on to the Final Four. Will it be
1) The Re-Match: This time, we've got Oden.
2) Oden vs Hibbert