Monday, March 5, 2007

Sunday Night Thoughts

Printable conference tournament brackets are now available in PDF format.

ACC: Is Clemson vs Florida St. an elimination game? Does the winner need to beat North Carolina? Are they both out regardless?

SEC: After being ranked in the top 25 for much of the year, Alabama almost certainly has to beat Kentucky in the opening game of the SEC tournament to keep their NCAA hopes alive. Now that’s how you kick-off a conference tournament!

Big 12: Despite the make-up game for Nebraska and Oklahoma St. on Monday, the tie-breakers have been calculated and the seeding is set.

Big East
Big Ten
Atlantic 10
Conference USA

As of Sunday Night, you still have to fill in the teams on the Pac 10 bracket by hand. Here are the seeds.

Both CAA semifinal games were somewhat disappointing Sunday. But this gave me more time to marvel at the hair and beard of Old Dominion 7’3” reserve center Sam Harris. He can be seen here sans playoff beard. Apparently he enjoys seafood, his favorite animal is a dog, and his favorite player is “Dirk Nawinski” of the Dallas Mavericks. (Somewhere the ODU sports information director is cursing.) Most importantly, Sam Harris hails from “Tasmania”. No word yet on whether starting forward Valdas Vasylius hails from “parts unknown”.

It would be easy to say that ODU is out of the NCAA tournament field, especially given the final margin of defeat, but remember that this team had won 12 in a row prior to Sunday. And these were not all cupcake wins either. ODU beat VCU, Drexel, Hofstra, and MAC regular season champ Toledo in the last 10. I have similar thoughts about Drexel who lost by a large margin but has some stellar non-conference wins. My analysis of where Drexel and ODU sit on the bubble will be published Wednesday afternoon.

Still to come Wednesday Afternoon through Sunday Morning:
-Detailed blogging of the major conference tournaments
-My official bubble analysis

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